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Children squirt homeless man with water pistol and call him ‘crackhead’

A gang of teenagers filmed themselves spraying a homeless man with a water pistol as he ate a meal in a shop doorway.

Snapchat clips show the teens laughing as they took turns soaking the victim in Doncaster town centre on June 11.

The elderly man was lying down in a zipped-up sleeping bag at the time, holding a sandwich and was unable to defend himself.

The youths shared the footage on social media but were met with a backlash after it went viral.

They later posted a follow-up video showing them apologising to the victim after they were publicly shamed.

South Yorkshire Police is investigating the incident and says enquiries are ‘ongoing’.

Sickening moment kids shamelessly spray homeless man with water pistols

A member of the public has also launched an online fundraiser to try and help the victim get off the streets.

Video of the attack has been viewed more than 50,000 times since it was posted last week.

It shows the homeless man shielding his face as the youths laugh hysterically and a hooded boy squirts him with a water pistol.

He then passes it to another boy who rushes up to the victim and shouts ‘whoop, whoop, whoop’ as he douses him again at close range.

Other clips show the boys rapping in front of the victim, calling him a ‘crackhead’, and goading him to try and chase them as they squirt him repeatedly and run off.

After they were outed online, the culprits filmed another video which shows them saying ‘sorry’ to the victim and bumping fists with him.

Viewers on social media were disgusted by the footage.

Annie Jessop commented: “‘t’s sick to do it to anyone but even worse to do it to someone who is already freezing and wet-through with the rain on the street.’

Lucy Pattison said: ‘Wrong on so many levels. As if that poor guy isn’t going through enough.’